Why is now the time for You to consider Estate Planning?

All of the above considerations are important and things you can take care of now!

For many people, these discussions and decisions may feel uncomfortable and upsetting. Oftentimes, unless you have had personal experience with what it takes to handle medical, financial, and estate matters for someone, it is normal to feel confused about the value and purpose of estate planning. 

Where do I go from here?

Many of our clients started just where you are, but they took action once they knew how the law could impact those they love at the time of Incapacity and death. If you are ready, I have set out what to do next. 

Your first step is to book a Complimentary 30-minute Introduction call between you and our office.  We use this first contact to see if our office and process are what you hoped for and if potentially working together makes sense.  Then, if you want to learn more, we invite you to take a second step, which involves two parts; completing our "Getting to Know You" questionnaire and booking Your Personalized Consultation Meeting.  (Completing the questionnaire is critical in understanding what laws and choices you will need to consider when addressing your goals and concerns. The questionnaire asks various questions, allowing us to learn more about You, Your loved ones, your assets, and what is most important to You.  This information helps us prepare for your Personalized Consultation Meeting.)   The third step will be attending A Personalized Consultation Meeting. In this meeting, we will discuss the possible risks involved when there is no planning and what happens when there is a plan that no longer reflects your choices.  This meeting is the perfect time to ask questions and share any concerns that arise as we discuss the laws impacting your personal situation.


We have heard from prior clients that taking these steps helped them feel empowered and informed about what decisions were in their control and how to take action on them. We realize that You, your loved ones, and what matters most will change over time, and there is no better time to get started. Changes can always be made once you have a foundation.  These are critical decisions you want to make rather than leaving them to others who may not understand or know how to honor your hopes, fears, and beliefs.