Personalized & Client-centered Estate Planning

Client-Centered Planning

We understand you are busy, your family and responsibilities are growing, and you are planning for a life of prosperity. Therefore, you value ease, convenience, and efficiency. You may be raising children and caring for elderly parents, all while working hard to build your savings for a lifetime of support. It is important to understand what decisions best align with your personal goals so that when your family makes choices on your behalf, they can access your desired choices, your plan, and your personal guidance.

When you meet with us for a Personalized Planning Meeting, we will discuss the following:

1) What your State presently has planned for you & your assets;

2) The risks and costs involved when the State takes over your decisions;

3) Who are the people you care about, and what you hope to leave them and

4) The options available when you plan in advance.  

Even if you choose not to plan with us, you will leave the meeting understanding all four above categories.